Overseeding Lawn

Asked October 7, 2014, 2:51 PM EDT

After mowing, dethaching, and raking our lawn, we rented an overseeder and seeded. Now there is another abundance of thach lying on top of the lawn. Should we run the mower over the lawn and bag the thach? I'm afraid if we do that we will also scoop up the new seed. Your advice would be greatly appreciated.

Kent County Delaware

1 Response

I would run the mower over the lawn and chop up the thatch but not bag it. We recommend a light layer of straw or salt hay over top of newly seeded turf to keep moisture in and prevent erosion, so chopped up thatch should provide that function. If you do this project again in the future, I would remove the thatch before you seed and then use salt hay, spread lightly over top of the newly seeded areas.