Cut down this tree?

Asked October 6, 2014, 4:49 PM EDT

I was wondering if TX A & M extension will consult about a tree? I have a tree in my backyard that looks like it is half dead. I hate to cut down a live tree, but don't know what to do. Is there someone that can come out and look at the tree & advise whether I should cut it down or not? Or do something else to help it?
Thank you!

Collin County Texas

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I would be more than happy to take a look at your tree. Please attach a photo of the tree in your reply to this message, so that I can assess the tree.

If in fact the tree is half dead, as you describe, I will likely recommend cutting down the tree. Trees can very hazardous if they fall. Typically It is safer to cut it down.

You can also contact a local certified arborist for consulting and tree removal service. Find an arborist by visiting:

Thank you so very much for your considered response. I did go ahead and consult with someone as we have an upcoming storm and I was afraid that it might fall or a large branch come down. I will try to attach a couple photos.
Thank you, again.

Based on the photos I don't believe that tree will recover or survive. Therefore I recommend removing the tree. It appears to be an ash tree and the Arizona or Green Ash trees are fast growing but short lived trees. The prolonged drought has stress many of our trees and the weaker species are the first to go. Trees can show signs of stress years after the stressful event.

Check out our website for recommendation trees:

I would recommend a Chinkapin oak, Bur Oak, Shantung maple, Lacey oak, Chinese pistache, cedar elm, Texas Red Oak. The general rule of thumb is the faster a tree grows, the shorter the life span. Therefore it is recommend to select medium to slow growing tree for the landscape. Make sure to plant it a sufficient distance from your house or power lines, based on mature size of the tree.

Thank you very much for your time and additional recommendations. You have been very helpful.