Is this a house plant?

Asked October 6, 2014, 2:00 PM EDT

About 7 of these were brought in to work. Nobody knows what it is. Any ideas?

Camden County New Jersey

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Thanks so much and have a good one!

I sent a pic and was wondering if anyone found out what kind of plant that was? I haven't received a response.


Thank you for contacting Delaware Cooperative Extension.
From your pictures, it looks like this is an amaryllis plant, which comes from a bulb. The plant will send up a flower spike and bloom once in the spring. It will then produce leaves for the summer. You may be able to get it to bloom again. Trim the leaves back to about one or two inches above the bulb with a scissors, let the pot dry out completely, and set in a dark cool location, such as a basement work room. In February or March, bring it out into the light and begin to water it. It should have stored enough energy in that bulb to send out a new bloom.

Good luck with it!