Lots of small moths

Asked October 6, 2014, 10:16 AM EDT

I see 1/4" grey moths inside and outside. Will you help me identify them please?

Routt County Colorado

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I think the attached is the same moth (see the picture I include), but it's always difficult to tell unless one is seeing them in person. Can I assume that the moths you're referring to are almost so fragile that to swat at them causes them to almost disintegrate? If so, this is the

Alucita montana, a many-plumed moth (family Alucitidae). It has a habit of invading homes to overwinter. It is nothing more than nuisance, and won't feed on anything other than its larval host. The larvae feed as leaf miners on snowberry or closely related plants, which we have a lot of in Routt County. There are no real control methods known except to exclude them from one's home. They typically die once inside anyway as there is nothing for them to feed on. Call me with other questions at the local Extension office: 970-879-0825