Foundation Issue Soaker Hose

Asked October 5, 2014, 2:53 PM EDT

I have a house that is starting to move and cracks are starting to appear and a door is separating from the wall. I
have heard that foundations sometimes move due to soil movement.
A1 What do I do to protect my house?
B1, If you advise soaker hoses do they need to go all the way around the house in all cases?
2. How far away from the house should I put the soker hose?
3. Should I use an automation timer to turn on and off the water?
4. If I do use a timer--how long should it be on each day it is used?
5. At what intervals should the timer be set every other day , every day, three times per week or what?
the house is in Lewisville, TX (Denton, Texas)
Ron Thorne

Tarrant County Texas

3 Responses

Yes, keeping soil all around your hours moist reduces shrinkage and can prevent foundation problems. Amount varies with weather and landscape. More is needed where there are tree roots (under canopy).

I am returning this response because it appears it was indented for some other person. This response from the expert answered none of the questions I asked (see above) Ron Sent 10-10-2014

To clarify my previous response:

1 & 2. Yes, if you have expansive soils, they can shrink during droughts. During droughts, you can use a drip irrigation hose around the house to keep the soil hydrated. I suggest it be placed all around about 3 feet from the foundation so you don't wet the foundation itself. 3. A timer would be helpful, to irrigate in early morning, so reduce water loss by evaporation in hot afternoons. 4. I can't say how much time you should irrigate, since it depends on your conditions and weather. You will need more irrigation and may want to add a supplement hose around the canopy of trees near the house since they tend to pull a lot of moisture from the soil. Some irrigation systems have soil moisture monitors that regulate the irrigation system; this would be ideal, but is a bigger investment.

It may be helpful to consult your Extension county agent or a local irrigation contractor.