begonia lotusland leaf

Asked October 5, 2014, 10:03 AM EDT

The leaves of my begonia lotusland are rotting very quickly and the ones that look healthy are folded instead of flat. I am losing this nice plant which I grow under lights.

Philadelphia County Pennsylvania

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Dear Gardener,

When leaves or stems rot, the soil is almost always too wet. Let the soil dry slightly to the touch before each watering. Be sure the pot drains freely into a saucer with stones or beads. (Do not put drainage pebbles, etc. directly in the pot.)

The problem may be partly due to your planting medium. Next time you re-pot, try mixing in a bit of coarser material such as sand or peat.

Do not fertilize a plant under stress, but if when you see some healthy new growth begin watering your plant a weak fertilizer solution. Follow the directions on the label which generally provide an option for continuous fertilization instead of a big dose less frequently.