Dying ivy

Asked October 4, 2014, 3:06 PM EDT

I had samples tested of my ivy with your master gardeners and it showed either a fungus or bacterial problem. The lady I talked to said there isn't much I can do right now but clear away the dead. I neglected to ask her if the fungus or bacteria will die in the winter and would probably be okay in the spring.

New Castle County Delaware

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An Extension Agent by the name of the Carrie Murphy would like to help you with this question. She is currently at a conference and will return on October 9, 2014. Can you please respond with your contact information OR here is her contact information if you would like to send her a direct email about this question. She believe she is the person you spoke with originally. Thank you kindly.

Carrie Murphy
Extension Agent
New Castle County
Work Phone: (302) 831-1426
Work Email: cjmurphy@udel.edu