grape vine ID

Asked October 3, 2014, 6:45 PM EDT

I have a grape vine with large blue grapes that have seeds in them. these are grapes that have been in home gardens since my childhood in the forties and fifties here in the mid Willamette Valley. I would like to find some to make juice. I'm sure there are lots of grapes even here in my West Salem neighborhood that are going to waste. but I don't know what to call them in my search.

Marion County Oregon

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There are a lot of grape cultivars out there, both seeded and seedless. Most grape cultivars you'll find around here are derived from the European wine grape Vitis vinifera, or the American grape species, V. labrusca (think Concord grape) or hybrids between them. Flavor, among other characteristics, will vary widely and so, as a result, will the juice made from the grapes. Sme you will no doubt find more palatable than others. It's entirely possible there will be grapevines in the area with fruit that would make good juice, and sampling the fruit would tell you if that vine had fruit whose flavor appealed to you. The easiest way to assure yourself a reliable supply of grapes is to plant your own known cultivars that have fruit whose flavor you enjoy. I include a link to the OSU publication on growing table grapes in the home garden. Feel free to write with questions.