Brown Recluse Spiders

Asked September 30, 2014, 8:39 PM EDT

How can I eradicate Brown Recluse Spiders inside a house? We recently purchased a house in the Cincinnati, OH area and discovered there are Brown Recluse Spiders in the basement and bathroom areas (and might be throughout the house). Since these arachnids are uncommon to Cincinnati, none of the exterminators we've contacted in our area have provided any solutions for totally eliminating the spiders. We are concerned due to the possibility of the spider's bite producing severe reactions.

I am hoping since these spiders are more common to Texas, you may be able to provide insight in to eliminating them in our house.

Butler County Ohio

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Ohio State University Extension does have a fact sheet on Brown Recluse Spiders available on the web. Search "Brown Recluse Spider Ohio" and it will come up in the search. For an indoor infestation, you really should have a professional work to eliminate the problem, but unfortunately many concentrate their attention on termites and carpenter ants only. A local pest control company may be more willing to tackle a spider problem. Search "Indoor Spider Control Cincinnati" and there are some companies that list spiders on their web sites.

Greg Meyer