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Asked September 30, 2014, 5:16 PM EDT

I see all these places where a grandparent can find help on raising their grandchildren I don't see any help for sisters or brothers raising their siblings children. I am raising my nephew now since my sister passed away three years ago. I know nothing about what is available for him. I tried calling kinship and explained my situation to them. My answer from them was maybe the child shouldn't be with you anymore if now you can't afford him. I've never received anything from anyone until 8/14 he now gets welfare. I'm not thankful for the 162.00 dollars a month he gets but my sister was sickly and received more then that for him on welfare. I just don't get it because I'm a blood relative they said I'm not entitled to anything. If find it strange that his mother was a blood relative and received more then 162.00. I didn't fully adopt him cause I can't afford the 1500.00 it cost to do that. I have four children of my own. My nephew is not entitled to any Benifits of mine or my husbands cause he's not our child but yet they want to go by our income they said he can't have even food stamps. When I took him three years ago things we financially ok with us. So I never ask for anything from anyone until my husbands hour were cut I'm half at his job. If anyone out there could give me any answers I'd surly appreciate it. Thank you for taking the time to read my questions.

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New Jersey has an extensive number of services to families and children but locating the best match for your situation may require you making several phone calls and inquiries. Do not give up because one person on the other end of the phone did not have an answer for you. Please call ALL of the numbers below and ask again!

The Office of Child Health and Wellness

Child Support Hotline
1-877-NJ KIDS1