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Asked September 29, 2014, 6:42 PM EDT

I live in southwest Hunt County, east of Rockwall TX, on 10 acres. About 25% of it is routinely mowed.

About half of the mowed area is bermuda, so no problem there. Two other grasses have been a problem though, especially this year. I took some pictures a few days ago: Photos 1 and 2 show a large, clumping type of grass that grows long, tough stems. It doesn't mow cleanly. Photos 3 shows a grass that grows lower and that has a switch type seedhead. It mows better, though is still unattractive.

So I have a few questions. Hoping you can help.
1. Can you identify these two grasses?
2. Is there a post emergent herbicide that would effectively control these without hurting the bermuda?
3. Would a pre emergent, if applied this fall, keep these two grasses from germinating? If so, can you recommend a herbicide (liquid perferred; I have a 19 gallon ATV-mounted sprayer) and the best date to apply? This would be a good answer, if effective, since we also have a minor problem in a few areas with purslane and grassburrs.

Any other suggestions would be appreciated.

Hunt County Texas

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Thanks for your question. I have tried to answer it a couple of times, but the system is experiencing problems.

From looking at the pics, I am curious of what your fertility program is. The bare spots in the forage look like there could be a fertility issue. If you have not had a soil test completed within the last three years I would recommend it. You can get all of the information at I apologize that I cannot give you the information directly the system won't hold a file that large. Anyway, a good fertility program will help your problem. Your mowing too helps in the care of the meadow and the clippings should return some nutrients back to the soil.

The pixels on the pics are not great so it came across a tad blurry but from the description of the plants in conjunction with the pics, the grass in the first two pics is KR blue stem I believe. It is an invasive plant is Texas. You can see all of the information on that at

You can use Pastora to control it in bermuda pastures. I have added the information on Pastora below. Now is the time. to use it. It is a liquid concentration just as you had asked. It will also help clean up any sandburs you have. The other grass may be windmill grass. Again, these are grasses that are native and tend to flourish in low fertility. Pastora, should take care of all of them. You can get that at most any ag supply store such as Tractor Supply, Atwoods, Poston Seed and Farm Supply in Poetry,