time from spraying mesquite to root kill

Asked September 29, 2014, 9:05 AM EDT

How long does it take, after spraying, for a Remedy/mixture herbicide to reach the root? We spent the last two weeks hand spraying mesquite in our pecan orchard, and would now like to mow before harvest. If the herbicide is still "working" on the leaves and stems of the mesquite, we don't want to mow it off before it gets a chance to kill the root.


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From visiting with a herbicide specialist they stated that herbicide and water move about 2 inches per day within a plant. So if the trees are 3 foot tall it will take 18-21 days for the herbicide to reach the root. So the longer you can wait the better it will be. So the taller the trees treated the longer you need to wait.