Typing email addresses

Asked September 28, 2014, 12:43 AM EDT

Is there any way of setting up my email address so I do not have to type it every single time.


I am thinking along the lines of presetting it so all I need to do is hit a couple of keys?

1 Response

Where are you needing to type it? In an email message? If so, you can set up a signature that could be automatically or manually added at the end of each message. Are you needing it to be typed in a Word document? If so, then you could set up an auto correct entry that could have your initials and some other characters that are unique and could not be mistaken for a "real" word that could automatically change to your email address. It really depends where you need the email placed to determine the method. I hope this provides some information that you can use or at least to think about your application and possible solutions. Good luck!