What is a good shade grass for sandy soil just south of San Antonio.

Asked September 27, 2014, 10:18 PM EDT

Dense shaded yard. Sand. Would like to plant seed. Otherwise what type of pallet grass would you recommend? Several grass farms in the area ($$$?). Small area 30x 30 where a septic line was replaced.

Atascosa County Texas

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This is a good question with a difficult answer. Being that it is an area that has dense shade this will be a challenge for any grass that you decide to plant. As a general rule our st. augustine grass is one of our most shade tolerant grasses but it does not do just great either. If i was going to try one in shade I would get floratam st. augustine. You still may need to make sure that it receives some sun even if it is just minimal.

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Dale Rankin

Thanks Dale, I think I better go something low maintenance. It's for a rent house. What about a ground cover instead? How do I unmark my question from being private? Upload for images is not working.

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Growing in an area with a lot of shade I would look at English Ivy or Liriope's Monkey grass also does well in shade but it can be very aggressive.

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Got some images to come through.