Wetlands - clearing blackberries

Asked September 25, 2014, 2:33 PM EDT

Can we use goats to clear blackberries and other invasive plants from a designated wetlands area?

Jackson County Oregon

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Goats will eat blackberries, usually the more succulent/green stems and leaves and not the dead, dry, woody material. They are usually more effective browsing re-sprouted blackberry plants after they have been cut, mowed, and burned, versus sending them into a tall, untreated thicket.

Jackson County has a riparian ordinance that prohibits the removal of vegetation within certain distances of riparian (streamside) zones and other waterways. It is possible to remove blackberries and other invasive vegetation, but this requires a and approved landscape plan.

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For more information about the use of goats and working in riparian areas or wetlands, contact the Jackson County Soil and Water Conservation District at 541-664-1070.