Bird mites

Asked September 23, 2014, 10:21 PM EDT

I am guessing that I have bird mites living on me.
It is not easy to get a dermatologist to scrape the correct area since the stings move around a bit.

My symptoms are: stings, tiny and STRONG, bubbly sores
( white in the middle and red all around ) that cover an area a few inches square.
These sores dissipate in about a week but I, also,
have other sores that are red, flat patches that do not heal.
None of this is itchy, at all...just stings like needles or thorns.
Only by thorough washing and covering myself in mentholatum can I get the stinging to slow down enough for me to sleep.
I am guessing that, if these are mites, that they have no inclination to crawl off to lay eggs but just spew the eggs from where they are and the eggs stick to fluffy surfaces and get blown off of smooth surfaces by any motion of air.
It, also, seems like some of the eggs are laid on me and hatch every week or so.
I can kill those weekly flurries of little stings but need to know what will kill off the big stings.
Does Lindane work? Where do I get ivermectin?
What do I say to the dermatologist so that she will do more than a brief glance?
My, beloved, life awaits me and I, REALLY, want to return to my normal ways!


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You should visit your primary care physician for a thorough examination. If there is some type of parasite causing your problem, the physician should be able to see them.

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