Growing Hybrid Chestnut Trees in the Lufkin TX Area

Asked September 19, 2014, 5:57 PM EDT

I would like to attract more deer to my property and have been reading which nut trees are best for that purpose. I found that the Burr Oak is a good oak trees for its quality and size of acorn but pails in comparison to the Chestnut tree. I also understand that when the Chinese Chestnut was brought into this county that they also brought in a blight that decimated the American Chestnut tree. I also found that there have been some success in creating hybrid Chestnut trees by crossing the American with the Chinese variety to create a tree that is not as susceptible to the disease.

So my question is will a Chestnut tree grow specifically in Polk county Texas and if so where would I be able to purchase some of these trees. Second question, I am also planting pecans, and hickory trees for wildlife, is there other trees I should considered. I have a bottom land (clay) as well as sandy loam soil.

Thanks for your advice

Polk County Texas

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As you have read, the blight which killed off the chestnut trees has been quite detrimental. I would suggest you read this for more information.

But to get something to grow to attract deer, you have several other viable options. I can't seem to attach an old article that puts the most sought after plants in a simple table. But Google Deer Range Appraisal for East Texas Forests
and download the first PDF file . See page 3.