Free Soil Testing

Asked September 19, 2014, 4:14 PM EDT

Hello my name is I'm interested in getting my soil tested. Because I'm on a fixed income, I've decided to grow my own vegetables and herbs, however, I'm having difficulty growing them. I'll try growing cucumbers squash tomatoes watermelon strawberries etc. I was told to get my soil tested, however I'm on a tight budget. Can you help me and if so why do I need to do to get a


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Soil testing is not free, but it is not too expensive. Here is a list of labs where you can send samples for testing. Contact them directly to find out their rates:
There could be many reasons you are having difficulties and we can help you in multiple ways with information. For instance, take a look at the Grow It Eat It portion of our website. Here you will find how to start a garden, with discussions about the full sun needed, and organic soil amendments like Leaf-Gro or compost etc. Here is a page called 'Getting Started':
There are also classes taught by Master Gardeners helping you to do this, along with other info:
We are not sure of your location, but this publication lists crops that can be grown in Maryland and when to plant them:
All problems with pests and diseases are also discussed on our website or by calling us, so feel free to reach out for free help.