lawn care for shaded area

Asked September 16, 2014, 10:21 AM EDT

We have a terrible looking lawn that moss is growing in the bare spots. We need to have someone contact us @814-886-2079

Cambria County Pennsylvania

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I will contact you after I return to the office on Friday. Have you taken a soil test in the area where the moss is detected? Moss is an opportunist that grows in locations where grass is not thriving. Moss thrives in poorly drained, acidic, shaded sites. These environmental conditions as described above are not conducive for turf growth.

Moss is easy to kill, but unless you correct the site issues you will see the moss return. A soil test will let us know if the nutrient and pH levels are adequate to support turf growth. A soil test will not provide us with a glimpse of the drainage and/or shade issues at the site. Grass in general is not very shade tolerant. The most shade tolerant grass is Creeping Red Fescue. It is the primary choice for overseeding shaded sites. If the nutrient levels and soil pH are in the preferred range and there are no underlying drainage issues the site is probably too shaded to support good quality turf.

I will call you tomorrow morning.....


Thomas Ford