4-H/ finding locally bred guinea pigs

Asked September 15, 2014, 6:23 PM EDT

Hi- I'd like to find a 4-H bred guinea pig to buy as a pet for my kids. I talked to one of the breeders at the Benton County fair and she took my info, but never got back to me. Could you provide me with the contact info of a 4-H breeder? I appreciate your help!

Benton County Oregon 4-h

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Hi, thanks for your question.
Could you please send your e-mail address and phone number to my e-m: carolyn.ashton@oregonstate.edu?
Then I can send out a request to our small animal clubs and they can get in touch with you (this is the process we use with these kinds of requests).
Do you remember the name of the club or the child?