Grass in Soybeans

Asked September 15, 2014, 1:51 PM EDT

I find a lot of what looks like Blue Grama grass in the neighboring soy bean field.

Is that common or am I mis-identifying the grass?

3 Responses

Without a picture it is difficult to determine if the grass you are speaking of is what you think it is. You could take a sample to your local extension office for identification. However I could say with about an 80% certainity that it is likely Johnsongrass or foxtail as they are invaisive weeds that have popped up in soybean and corn fields this year.

Here's hoping these photos help. The grass has a bluish quality to it when viewed from a distance. I/m guessing it is blue grama but, alas, I am a rookie when trying to ID grasses.

Could be grama grass but it could also be fescue or Timothy. The best way to know would be to submit a sample to your local extension service center and allow them to send it to a weed scientist for identification.