I am a "non-traditional" student at the University of Kentucky,...

Asked September 14, 2014, 9:37 PM EDT

I am a "non-traditional" student at the University of Kentucky, College of Ag, Department of Horticulture. Another similar student and I have planted a one acre plot in Harrison County Kentucky with aronia melonacarpa. I belong to the Midwest Aronia Association, and hoped to find some other orchard of aronia near Kentucky. Unfortunately, most of their members are in Iowa, Nebraska, Missouri, and Illinois. My question is: are you aware of any aronia orchards in Ohio? If so, can you put me in touch with him/her/them? Thanks in advance. Dave Emerson

Fayette County Kentucky

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Hi Dave,

Good to hear from you! We just started promoting Aronia as a new cash crop for Ohio. I do not know of any large plantings in Ohio yet. It is good to know that you have already planted one acre.

Sorry I am not of much help. Good luck to you!