Is it safe to feed blight-infected tomatoes to cows and horses?

Asked September 13, 2014, 10:36 PM EDT

I was wanting to know if it was safe to feed blight infected tomatoes to cows and horses?

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Blight in tomatoes is a fungal disease that needs to be disposed of by burning or burial. Never feed these infected plants to cows, horses, or any livestock. You should avoid working with infected plants when wet. Use heavy-duty plastic gloves and then thoroughly wash with soap and water once cleanup is finished. Eliminate this disease by rotation of crops -- although this is difficult -- since potatoes, eggplant, vine crops, strawberries, or raspberries should not be grown in the same soil for four years. For more information, go to and look under Fact Sheets -- Blight in Tomatoes. Fungicide use is listed there and may help in control.