What is wrong with my pear trees?

Asked September 12, 2014, 3:17 PM EDT

My customer, Mr. Leo Matz is having problems with his pear trees. He said that his Comice Pear Tree has had poor growth for many years. He has had this particular tree for 10 years. The tree is 10-12 years old. . He lives on Lake Huron and the tree is located in his backyard. This tree had fire blight years ago and he treated it with a copper sulfate spray per Bill Carpenter, MSUE. He sprays his trees every two weeks. He has used dormant spray, Imoden, lime sulfur, mathion, & Kaptan this year. He also grows Barlett pears, apples, plums and these trees are fine. His Asian Pear tree is also doing poorly. I will send photos of the Asian PearTree in a separate email.

Iosco County Michigan

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The tree is obviously in poor shape but there are no distinct disease symptoms visible in the photos. Leaves are normal size but yellow and growth is poor. My guess is a root or trunk problem. Are there any obvious lesions or cankers on the trunk, especially close to the ground. If he cuts the tree down my guess is the most of the wood in the trunk is dead. A root rot diagnosis would require digging at the base of the tree or digging the tree up. If the tree seems poorly anchored in the ground, My suggestion is to remove the tree. It has had the lingering problem for a long time and has not responded to good care. He should examine the root system when he removes the tree to see if he sees.