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Asked September 11, 2014, 1:09 PM EDT

Hi there! We have just moved to Corvallis, and have a large, neglected garden that includes berries, fruit trees, and several raised beds. It appears that little has been done here for the last couple of years. 2 questions...I cannot seem to find good info on organic compost and where we could purchase a large load. Also, does the extension service offer a service where I could have someone out to walk through the garden with me to identify problems and possible solutions...I think we need help!!! Thank you, Elizabeth Patte

Benton County Oregon master gardener program compost horticulture

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Dear Elizabeth Patte:

Welcome to Benton County. Sounds like you've found a sweet spot.
1. Compost - the materials placed in the yard debris cart and composted by Republic Services (Corvallis Disposal) are regularly tested and are OMRI approved for use in organic production systems. OMRI is the Organic Materials Review Institute. The bulk compost sold by any of the landscape suppliers in Linn or Benton Counties is made at Republic's Pacific Region Compost Facility. Ask about delivery policies. If you prefer, you can drive up to the Compost Facility (between Corvallis and Adair, just east of US 99 West) and purchase a scoop right from the source.
2. Walk-about - you'll have to call your local OSU Extension Service office. If you actually live in Benton County, that number is 541-766-6750. The county staff will be better able to tell you just which services they offer.

Happy Gardening!

Thank you so much! I will call PRC and local extension office this afternoon.