What should I do with plants in raised beds at the end of the season?

Asked September 10, 2014, 1:01 PM EDT

My vegetables are done for the season and I'm left with the leaves and stalks. Should I chop up and till right into the soil or should I chop up and put in the compost bin?

Arapahoe County Colorado

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I hope you had an abundant vegetable garden this year!

The following fact sheet has information on making compost: Making Compost.

The problem with putting the matter from your vegetable garden is that the material may not have long enough to compost before next year. Additionally it may be harder to get the compost "hot" enough, meaning getting the compost up to ideal temperature to make good compost and kill any possible weed seed in the matter.

I think it would be best to add this matter to your existing compost bin. It will be easier for you to care for the compost operation, keep it moist enough, turn it frequently and add to it as you can.

Thank you for your question.