Can this orchid be saved?

Asked September 10, 2014, 11:24 AM EDT

My orchid was doing great last spring until I transplanted it into a larger pot. Then the flowers died and it stopped growing. The leaves are still green but no new shoots have grown since March. Can this orchid be saved?

Deschutes County Oregon

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I cannot give a definitive answer since I don't know much about your orchid. If this is a new orchid that you bought in bloom last spring, the orchid may be fine. Many orchids only bloom once a year.

If you moved it into a pot that does not drain, the roots may be flooded. Orchids need air to the roots. For most orchids if you used soil rather than an orchid mix, the same may be true. This will eventually kill the orchid. If it is a phalaenopsis (big pulpy leaves from one central plant), be sure not to let water sit in the center junction that the leaves emanate from.

If it is an older one that you have had for years with healthy (greenish, firm) roots, with the proper planting medium and in a well-drained pot, it may only need to get acclimated to the new surroundings. Some orchids can go years without blooming and then one year burst into bloom and do so for years after.

The fact that the leaves are a healthy green color probably means that the plant is O.K. Water it when needed (don't overwater) and fertilize with dilute orchid fertilizer solution with every other watering.