meat broth in dog biscuits

Asked September 9, 2014, 2:24 PM EDT

I make my own dog biscuits at home. I would like to add commercially processed beef broth to them to add more nutrition. Can I do that and still dry-store them without refrigeration after baking them to a state of dry crispness, or will the beef broth cause them to go bad without refrigeration? Thanks

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You are right to be concerned about the possibility of food borne-illness for your pets. Broth would have a limited amount of protein, which could be a source of bacteria growth if the biscuits contain enough moisture. You mention that you will bake them to dry crispness, which should be dry enough to keep bacteria or mold from growing, much like dried jerky is safe- if kept dry. However, I see you are in a damp climate, so the biscuits would need to be kept well sealed so they do not absorb moisture out of the air. You could also package them well and freeze them, just bringing out small portions that you will feed the dog in a few days.

One more thought- do check the ingredients of the broth you plan to use. It may not have a lot of nutrition and may have a lot of sodium that your pets would not benefit from.