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Asked September 8, 2014, 4:18 PM EDT

I have a lot of frozen berries that I want to use for jam. Do I measure them while frozen or thaw and measure to get the sugar ratio correct. I also plan to not use packaged pectin, but use apples to provide that. Is there another fruit (quince?)that is also a good source of pectin? I realize the resulting jam will not be as firm as we are used to, but more of a "soft set."

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Frozen berries make excellent jam. I would thaw them before you crush them. They are much easier to crush. Since you are not using commercial pectin you will probably want to use recipes for no added pectin or you can make your own pectin from apples, crab apples or quince and then make the jam using a liquid pectin recipe. . If you don't have recipes you can go the the Lane County Extension website and download two publications one on making your own liquid pectin sp50-778 and the other making jams without added pectin SP 50-777. They can be found at

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