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Asked September 7, 2014, 11:35 PM EDT

Im looking at a really nice electric wall fireplace. But ive been searching high and low for an affordable corner unit. Is there some way to order just a panel attachment to be able to use it in a corner?

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Are you referring to the "fireplace" insert or the cabinet that fits in the corner. The inserts are the same for all electric fireplaces. It is only the cabinet that changes. The insert is basically just an electric heater that has the fake fire face. Some look better than others. It has been several years since I saw the insert and cabinet sold separately in a retail outlet. You may need to contact the manufacturer directly to get one without the other.

The cabinet for a corner unit is the most expensive option. If you custom build one, be sure to follow the heating unit's requirements for clearance distances between the heater insert and walls and other building materials.

Thanks Frank. Yes i was referring to the entire unit/cabinet with insert. I cant find an affordable corner that i like. They're either "blah" looking or cost $1000+. I saw a beautiful one at big lots. Plug into standard outlet....movable from room-to-room....and very attractive. Only drawback is its designed for a flat wall. My husband said he could build a little 1/2 wall in the corner....(shaking in my boots here!) But i do think thats a good idea.

It is really easy to make this unit a corner unit. Take a couple of 2x2s and nail or screw then to the wall at a height just below the mantle height. Set then down just low enough that you can get a piece of 1/2 inch mdf board panel to be flush with the top of the mantle and fills in the corner behind this cabinet. Use a 1x4 to attach the cabinet to the corner filler and finish, paint, it all to match. The 2x2s and the 1x4 go on the bottom side of the cabinet top so that they do not show. Use counter sink screws that will be easy to paint and hide. You'll end up with a bigger mantle to decorate.