Bees and moths

Asked September 6, 2014, 4:31 PM EDT

We had a bee problem in our wall. Bees removed, but now have a moth issue. Moths entering home through recessed lights in ceiling of bedroom and adjoining bath as did the bees. Need to find a solution to problem.
Bill Jenkins
MSU '66

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Does the home have an attic space? If so, can you reach the recessed lighting from where the lights go through the ceiling. If so, caulk around the light fixtures to keep the moths from accessing the bath and bed rooms. The bigger question is how are the moths getting into the attic. Inspect the attic for access points for the moths and caulk these areas also.

No attic. Home is typical Arizona flat roof home. Bees entered wall through a hole in scupper at roof line. Exterminator failed to remove any honey assuming there was none. As some others have told us, the moths like the sweetness of honey and set up home in the honey before the hole was filled, but after the bees were removed. Plan now is to have part of wall removed to have the honey comb removed. If bee company had done their job correctly, we would not be facing an additional $500-$900 cost. It is amazing that only one or two exterminators seemed to know about the relationship between bees, honey and moths.

Sorry to hear that the bee problem was not solved properly the first time. At this point my only suggestion is to try to caulk the light fixtures from the inside. It sounds like you are plugging the holes on the outside of the structure.

Hard to believe that any exterminator willing to work with bees would not know that where honey bees are living there will be honey!