Vibration am I in danger of my house falling in on me?

Asked September 5, 2014, 1:10 PM EDT

I live next to a housing development at the Dutch Canyon estates. The company developing the land is using a Vibratory Soil Compactor it is shaking my home and others apart. Do you have any way of measuring the vibrations destroying our homes?

Columbia County Oregon

1 Response

Are you in the Scappoose city limits? If so, contact the city about their rules (if any) regarding this activity. If not in the city, call the county Land Development Services office 503 397-1501 and see what they say. Are there visible signs of damage that you can pinpoint that occurred after the soil compacting started? Take pictures of that. Ultimately, you may have to hire an attorney to research applicable laws and ordinances and a civil engineer to make the measurements and then possibly seek a remedy in court. Finally, have you talked to the construction supervisor and relayed your concerns? If not, you may want to do so verbally and in writing. If other neighbors also have structural damage, you should work together on this. If there is no verifiable structural damage directly related to the earth compaction, you probably don't have much of a property damage claim. Hope this helps. Chip Bubl OSU Extension/Columbia County 503 397-3462