chicks dying

Asked September 5, 2014, 11:20 AM EDT

I have been hatching chicks for several years but this season I am having trouble keeping my Brahma chicks alive after three weeks. They seem healthy one day and the next day their wings droop and then they dye. .I got a few ayam cemani eggs to hatch and now I seem to have the same problem with them. Thank you

DeKalb County Alabama

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What you describe can be attributed to a few different diseases. The ones that come to my mind are blackhead (a parasitic disease) or fowl cholera (bacteria). I see that you are in DeKalb Co AL. I suggest that you take some of the birds to the state diagnostic lab in Boaz. Their phone number is 256-593-2995 and they will advise you as to what birds to bring. There will be a modest fee, which they will tell you.
Once you know the cause of the disease it will be much easier to help you in controlling/eliminating it from your current and future flock. If you have any other questions please dont hesitate to ask

I hope this helps.