Historical Corn Harvest Data

Asked September 5, 2014, 7:20 AM EDT

I am looking for the average bushels/acre of corn before the introduction of hybrids and improved varieties of corn. We are using the slide rule to estimate our harvests in Mali, which utilizes a totally rainfed cropping system. We are using the fudge factor of 90, but wanted to see what the historical average was for when corn was grown closer to the conditions we are working with in Mali (ie, OPV seeds, limited fertilizer use and zero irrigation capacity).

Outside United States

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I am from North Carolina which is not a big corn producing area. Since 1980, our yields have increased by 50-60 bushels/A . Please see this website http://www.ncga.com/upload/files/documents/pdf/WOC%202013.pdf You can look at the areas over time and compare acres and yields.