What's the trick for getting rid of moles?

Asked September 5, 2014, 12:37 AM EDT

What's the trick for getting rid of moles? I have 2 acres and they've taken over. I've tried pellets, gel, sonic repellers, nematodes, and traps. The mole hills continue to popup and the tunnels collapse. My yard is ruined and I'm totally bummed out. I need to completely redo the yard now, but there's no sense in doing that until the moles are gone, and they won't go. Help, please.

Lane County Oregon

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There are professionals who specialize in mammal control and even just in moles and gophers. Their success rate is quite good. One in Cottage Grove is Critter Ridders (spelling?). I do not like to recommend just one company and if you look in the yellow pages under Pest Exterminators you should find others. That said, moles are territorial, each staking out an exclusive territory, but once a territory is vacated, others are quick to move in. The are insectivores also. Some techniques which you have not mentioned are the "poison worms" and explosive traps. In all cases, carefully following the directions is essential. Snare traps work if properly set. You need to talk to an expert trapper on procedures. Sorry, no one size fits all answer.