Is this USB dock on the LG 34 C a data port

Asked September 4, 2014, 10:41 AM EDT

I recently purchased a LG 34 C for a Net10 use I think its on with a tracphone use element ??/ I see that it has a USb data port on this phone but can't find any thin other than the use for uploading pictures as to the info it can search for within that circuit ??/ The info on the service guide is so vague that it surprises me that it me that it made it out the door with what information that's in it ??/ It has a microSDtm card but it dosen't say anywhere if the card can be accessed from the USB port , And also if I do have to remove the cover to remove the Micro SD card what going to stored on it am I going to have access from my computer for all the info on my LG 34 C as to contact info data logic's from the web my old E-Mails are they going to be stored do I need to erase the input from my phone or from my computer ??/ Where dose's it start and stop ??/

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There should be a setup to allow you to access any data storage on your phone and the Micro SD card through the micro USB cable to you computer. Unfortunately their are too many phones for our experts to keep track of all features and properties. Unless we own one of them this is outside of our normal work responsibilities. Getting the right drivers and software to access the phones data via your computer and the USB cable is essential. Some phones will have software that will allow you to back-up everything on your phone to your computer.

LG has an information page on this phone where you can see more information and some comments by other owners. Take a look at this page to see if you can find what you need.