Who may want live grape vines?

Asked September 2, 2014, 2:34 PM EDT

I live in East Brunswick, NJ. Former neighbors made and judged award-winning homemade wines. Their grapevines jumped over into my yard and have spread to great lengths and heights. I believe the ones in my yard are about 5 years old but have not produced fruit yet. Their old vines continue to grow fruit. I can send you pictures if you would like to see them. I need to remove the vines as they have overgrown our forsythia hedge, and some of my other neighbors' short trees. If there is anyone interested in coming to "rescue them," I would prefer that to merely digging them out and throwing them away/composting the plants. Do you know of any clubs of grape growers that I might contact, or any other people who would enjoy taking these vines?

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I would suggest checking with your local county Extension office and see if their Master Gardeners might want to take some cuttings from your vines, or know of people who might be interested.

Thank You Hans! The Rutgers Extension office is not far from my home, I will call them today.