When to plant apple trees

Asked September 1, 2014, 8:26 PM EDT

I am planning to plant 2 apple trees, one of which is a pollinator, but am curious when is the best time to plant. The supplier I plan to purchase from ships the trees as bare root and will ship in either November or March. Is the soil in East Manchester Township, York County conducive to growing apples trees and when is the best time to plant them?

York County Pennsylvania

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Hi, the first half of November would be the best time to plant apple trees. This gives the tree time to develop roots rather than spending energy to put out leaves and fruit. You can plant in March but the trees should be in the ground before the end of March. As for the soil in your area the best thing you can do is to go to your local extension office and purchase a soil kit. I think the kit and testing cost about $9 total. When you send the soil to PSU for testing be sure to state that you want to plant apple trees. The results will tell you what you need to amend your soil, if anything, to make it conducive to growing apple trees.