Gopher Problem

Asked September 1, 2014, 11:22 AM EDT

I have mounds that are building all over my garden in Evergreen. I assume these are made by gophers, because when I push the mound dirt around, I find a hole. What are some of the best methods of getting rid of these varmits? Thanks

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It sounds like you do have pocket gophers in your garden. Trapping them usually works well, especially since you can find the hole. There are different types of traps you can find at many hardware or farm supply stores. Try setting some before you buy. Also, treated grain works for some as well. The grain can also be found at farm supply or hardware stores.

I am attaching the URL to two fact sheets that have information on managing pocket gophers. After you look the fact sheets over if you still have questions get back in touch. (Managing Pocket Gophers) (Pocket Gophers)

Good Luck,

Marvin Reynolds