I would like to identify a plant.

Asked August 30, 2014, 10:58 PM EDT

This plant keeps popping up in my food plot. I wanted to ID it so I can find out how to control it.

Allegheny County Pennsylvania plant identification horticulture

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Thanks for the reply, my original was over the 5MB limit. I did some searching and I think it is Purslane (type of pigweed). When you ID the weed can you help me determine a way to kill it without killing the food plot I have it in? It is sugar beets and brassica.

Thanks again for the help.

The weed in the photo is redroot pigweed. It is an annual weed that will die after the first killing frost. There are no herbicides that will kill the redroot pigweed selectively in the crops that you have planted in your plots. We can selectively kill grasses in broadleaf crops and can kill broadleaf weeds in grass and/or small grain crops. However, there is essentially nothing selective that will kill this weed in your food plots once it is established.

More information on this weed can be found at this PSU website: http://extension.psu.edu/pests/weeds/weed-id/redroot-pigweed

Thank you!