Red wasp built nest somewhere in car engine

Asked August 30, 2014, 8:37 PM EDT

Today I took a seldom used vehicle out and after about 2 miles - red wasps starting coming out of the exterior vents near the windshield wipers. In total about 40 came out and they were pissed. I kept driving until no more came out. I took the car across town and got it washed and no more came out. I was gone about 4 hours and then brought the car back. The car set about 4 more hours and I took it out again and no red wasps. I raised the hood and could find no nest and the ones that flew out were 3-6 miles from my home. Am I in the free and clear or will the babies hatch and be a problem?

Blount County Tennessee

3 Responses

If the nest is still intact somewhere in the vehicle, then yes there still is a possibility that there could be a re-infestation.

If the original colony was disbursed, would it be from babies hatching or another wasp? The car had an oil change and the mechanic did not see it so it must be in a void somewhere ?

I would not think there would be a high chance, but suspect some of the unattended larvae may possibly develop into adults, depending on what age of the life cycle they were in when the nest was abandoned. Wasps normally do not re-use the same nest.