Can I preserve a bee hive ? No more bees and it is unusually large would like...

Asked August 29, 2014, 4:13 PM EDT

Can I preserve a bee hive ? No more bees and it is unusually large would like to show children at school

Hamilton County Ohio

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That is NOT a bee hive! That is a wasp or hornet's nest.

It may not be completely empty at this time of the year, and there could be other problems associated with bringing it indoors to your home or classroom based on this information from University of Minnesota Extension, Wasp and Bee Control:

Scroll down to:

"Old wasp nests: Wasp nests found during winter or early spring are old nests from the previous summer. There are no live wasps in the nest; they have already left the nest or died inside it. The nest can be safely removed and disposed of if desired. Old nests are not reused by wasps, so there is no risk if one is left. However scavengers, such as carpet beetles, are attracted to an old nest and may become a nuisance if the nest is in your home."

If you would like to share information about honeybees with your students, you may consider contacting a local beekeepers group about a speaker to come to your classroom, such as Southwestern Ohio Beekeepers Association, SWOBA

This is a good classroom resource as well with lots of links:

AgNIC Bees and Pollination: Teacher Resources -- "a resource for reliable, freely-available, evaluated, digital content and quality services related to bees and pollination."