zinnia questions

Asked August 27, 2014, 2:53 PM EDT

my zinnia seeds were moist when i put them into a baggie...now they have a little mold...are they ruiened will they still grow when i go to plant next season...please HELP im really bummed

San Bernardino County California horticulture

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They are most likely no good, as the moisture may have germinated the kernal too soon. You can dry them out further and try them in the spring, but the results will probably not be good.

When preserving seeds, the best method is to cut off a seedhead once the flower is past and either hang the bud in a cool, dry location or remove the seeds from the flowerhead and dry them separately. You could also place the seeds or seedhead in a cardboard box in a cool dark place. DO NOT place the seeds in any airtight container. After several weeks, the seeds will be a uniform brownish color. At this point, you can store the seeds in envelopes, again in a cool dark location. A good reference is at www.wildflower.org . Look under Native Plants for the Step-by-step guides.