How will my costs for health care insurance be affected under the Affordable Care Act and Medicare?

Asked August 27, 2014, 12:54 PM EDT

At retirement, I will go onto Medicare Part B, and my current employer-paid health insurance will become secondary. I am concerned my costs will increase under Medicare. Is there any data or FAQs I could look at to help me see clearly what some of my costs will be under Medicare with the ACA effect?

Kent County Michigan

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Thanks for your question about Medicare part B. Suggest you go to the website to look up the answer to your question. The Part B site is that has detailed information about premiums by income and other specifics. The site has lots of other useful information about this health insurance program, too. If you would like to talk to a local trained Medicare application person about your situation, suggest you contact the Area Agency on Aging or county Council/Commission on Aging in your area.