Asked August 26, 2014, 7:10 PM EDT

I know some people wouldn't mind, but I do not want to eat these. I've never noticed them before today, and I always soak my berries before I use them (even with out the ice/salt bath I found on the Internet, they were popping their little heads out, so I'm hoping my jam and frozen berries don't have them!) What do you recommend I do to try to kill them off? I have 5 acres, lots of blackberries, and I'm working on gardening with lots of other fruits. We can try to mow them all down ... please help!

Clark County Washington

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Hello, This pest is relatively new and we are still researching effective measures. Key management tactics include managing weedy hosts such as Himalayan blackberries. For specific recommendations for each crop, visit: http://pep.wsu.edu/hortsense/

Stay in touch with your local Extension office as we will spread effective recommendations as we find them.

Thanks Todd