My cedar trees look awful

Asked August 25, 2014, 7:03 PM EDT

My two cedar trees look awful. Lots of brown branches scattered throughout the trees.A few years ago they were both covered with these bright orangey-red balls...very small and squishy. Then they went away. Did that have anything to do with the brown branches? I do see some new green growth in different areas as of this morning so I am hoping that is a good sign. Any ideas what the problem could be? Thank you!

Washington County Oregon

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It's hard to tell you definitively what is going on without more information and/or some visuals. If you can send me some images with a digital camera of the affected areas, that would be helpful. Send an image of the entire tree, a typical affected branch, and a close up of some foliage and/or cones that would help to identify which species of cedar it is. You can send them directly to my email in the signature line below.
That said, it is normal for cedar trees to have scattered brown patches of foliage at this time of year. As long as it is the older foliage (on the underside or interior of the branch, not at the tip), this is typical cedar "flagging" and is not a problem. This would not have anything to do with the orange-red balls you observed. I could not tell you what those were without a sample or a photo.