Stone fruit tree question

Asked August 23, 2014, 10:45 PM EDT


I live approx. 20 miles inland from Bandon Oregon...East Fork of the Coquille river valley, elevation approx. 140'. I have an extensive orchard of stone fruit, and would like a recommendation as to the best variety of apricot to plant...have relative success with a number of peach and japanese plum currently growing Halls almonds with some success. Thank you.

Coos County Oregon

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It sounds like you've got a great orchard! Apricots tend to be challenging to grow in our area because they come into bloom so early that they usually lose their flowers to freeze or frost. Further east, in Douglas county, they're able to get a crop once in about seven years.

Try to get the latest blooming varieties. Puget Gold, Moongold, and Sungold are the first choices. Chinese might be a good option,too. The will work well as pollinizers for each other. For more detailed information on home orchards, read the OSU publication EC 819 Growing Tree Fruit and Nuts in the Home Orchard (

If you have further questions, feel free to call the Coos County Extension Office (541-572-5263).