Remove and Eradicate English Ivy On A Hillside

Asked August 23, 2014, 7:40 PM EDT

What organic methods can be used to remove english ivy on a very steep hillside? I've considered mulch, but the hillside is so steep it would all roll down the hill and this is ivy that has been deeply established for many years prior to cutting down to the ground as we are doing now. Thanks for your time and consideration!

Jackson County Oregon

3 Responses

You have an arduous task before you, unfortunately. English ivy (Hedera helix) is one tough customer! Removal without using chemical herbicides is a hand labor intensive process that takes patience in order to completely annihilate the plant and its roots. Plan to proceed in small steps, by working in small areas and completely eliminating the plant in those areas before moving on. If your hillside is not too steep, you can closely mow the ivy before beginning the removal process. An excellent guide, with photos, is to be found at pamphlet also includes a number of other references with helpful instructions. Good luck with removing this invasive plant!

Thank you Majorie! Could you please send the guide with photos link again? I tried it twice and it says "page not found".