Greetings, Thank you for this service. We have an ash tree about 20 years old...

Asked August 23, 2014, 7:24 PM EDT

Greetings, Thank you for this service. We have an ash tree about 20 years old that is loosing some leaves and has some truck bark loss.(see 3 pictures). Woodpeckers seem also to be very attracted to the tree. Could you advise what might be happening.Thank you, Jim and Judy Clasen Highland Park, SP

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Thank you for the question. Unfortunately, only one photo of some bark loss or splitting came through with your question. Making a diagnosis based on this information is not possible but your descriptions of what is happening are helpful. Ash are susceptible to a variety of diseases and insect damage. I direct you to the University of Minnesota Extension website "What's Wrong with my Plant"? to see if you can narrow the problem down. Here is the link:

Another possibility is emerald ash borer infestation. There are certain signs and symptoms you might see: Canopy dieback, new sprouts growing from the roots and trunks, bark splitting, D-shaped exit holes in the bark, and increased woodpecker damage. Here is a link to excellent photos of the borer, larva, and tree signs and symptoms:

If you do think you may have EAB, please read this publication from U of M extension: Please take note that you must call the"Arrest the Pest Hotline" at 1-888-545-6684.
I suggest you get a certified arborist out to look at your tree to diagnose the problem and the link above has a section on how to hire a professional arborist.