Home Garden Cabbage Plants

Asked August 23, 2014, 2:23 PM EDT

I planted some Burpee cabbage seeds in my home garden. The description on the seed package is Organic All Seasons Cabbage. The plants look like nothing I've ever seen. The plants have very large leaves but are not forming any heads. I have included a picture of some of the plant leaves.

Clay County Minnesota

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There has been a lot of this. Plants do not set heads or heading is poor. Overcrowding or dry soil. Give cabbage plenty of room to spread out; this will aid heading. Keep plants evenly moist.

After some thought we think the package was mislabeled. The plant looks like kale to us. Compare with this photo: http://gardening.yardener.com/Kale

Thank you for the speedy response. I've never grown kale, so that is the excuse for my confusion. My son had suggested to me that it could be kale so I'll need to give him a pat on the back because he's never even had a garden. I am going to contact Burpee, maybe I can get some replacement cabbage seeds for next season. Again, thank you.